Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014

Papergirl Beograd OPEN CALL

Submit your art to Papergirl Beograd

Illustration,sketches,prose,poetry,design,painting,lyrics,collage, photography,prints...

If it's under A3 and can be rolled up like a newspaper, donate it!

It will be exhibited, rolled and delivered by bike to a new owner. 
Every artist will represent him/herself with the content of the submitted artwork. It can be anything they wish.

Don't forget to add your contact information! 
Name/surname,e-mail address and website should be attached to your artworks.

Make. Show. Shere.

You can sand your art to:
Papergirl Beograd
c/o Radmila Jeremic
Jase Ignjatovica 33
11010 Belgrade

Deadline for submitting work: 15.07.2014.

CONTACT US: papergirl.beograd@gmail.com

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ( our hushtag is #papergirlbeograd )

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