Freitag, 26. Februar 2010

PaperGirl New York State!!!

In perfect unison with Berlin (not intentional), PaperGirl-Albany has announced the 2010 schedule! What we have to announce is not only a deadline, but (drumroll, please)... this year Albany is joining forces with New York City!!!
NYC is a virgin to the PaperGirl scene, except for some artists who inhabit the city, and we're expecting a lot of success from what we are now calling PaperGirl-NY State!

Now, getting down to the dates of this year's event:
**The deadline for art will be July 20th!**
The submitted art will have the chance to be seen by a lot of the art world, as it will be shown TWICE in NYC and ONCE in the phenomenal, up-and-coming Albany art scene!
From August 23-27, PaperGirl NYState will be shown in the Dumbo Art Center (in Dumbo, Brooklyn)
From August 30- September 2, PG NYState will be shown at the Armory in Manhattan
From September 3-6, PG NYState will be shown at the Marketplace Gallery in Albany.

For more information:
or PaperGirl Albany on MySpace or Facebook

(We are very excited about this year's event, and we hope you are too! Also, we'd like to send our well wishes to all the other cities which are doing such a great job at PaperGirl themselves!)