Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Paper Rafaela from ARGENTINA


Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

Hello and Goodbye!

Papergirl Kelowna was fab!
For photographs visit 'Picasa Web Albums'
For filmages visit 'You Tube'....
Search 'Papergirl Kelowna'
Good Luck to all the new 'Papergirl's!!!'
Hope to wing some art your way.
See You in 2011.
Sarah xxxx

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

Papergirl Glasgow

We are incredibly excited to announce that Papergirl Glasgow (Scotland) is on its way. You can find more about here:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PapergirlGlasgow
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/papergirlGLA
Tumbrl: http://papergirlglasgow.tumblr.com/

Looking forward to seeing you!

Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010

hello beautiful papergirl people...:O)

Papergirl Kelowna had a wonderfully successful and amazing event on the 16th of October at the Rotary Centre For The Arts, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada!!...


please see pics at:-

Delivery of the arties, this coming Sat, Twenty Three!...:O)


organizing papergirl event = wine (at least)

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Papergirl Hamburg #1 - Exhibition incoming!

After the Open Call for submissions for the first issue of Papergirl Hamburg ended on 15th October, we are now looking forward to our exhibition which will take place from 29.10.-13.11.2010 at the Kupferdiebe-Gallery in the Hamburger Gängeviertel.

We are very happy to present about 500 pieces of art from 60 art-givers from around the world at the first Papergirl exhibition in Hamburg and are already planning the bycicle-tour to spread out all the art to the lucky Hamburgians!

For more information click our blog and don't be afraid to write us an e-mail!

Your Papergirl-Hamburg

Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

PaperRafaela from ARGENTINA

Coming Soon

Dienstag, 24. August 2010

Papergirl Hamburg OPEN CALL

Hello Fans,
the Open Call for Submissions of Papergirl Hamburg starts today! Send us your artwork NOW! For more information check out our blog: Papergirl-Hamburg!

For questions write a mail to papergirl.hamburg@googlemail.com

Freitag, 20. August 2010

new moon gallery...:O)

Papergirl Kelowna....
105-2565 Main Street, Westbank, BC, V4T 2B4. Canada.
donate art here!

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

romanian papergirl opened the exibition on Saturday :D

We have over 80 artists that sent us artworks for the last 6 months and we are now ready to show you the pieces.
We opened the exibition this last weekend, in Home Matasari which is an "open house" for cultural projects. We kindly thank Julian, our host, for that. We worked together into getting the house ready and fixed up 2 rooms and 2 hallways together with 2 basements of the house, wich we are very proud of.

We had stickers and t-shirts ready and some beautiful leaflets that had our friend Kina's work of art printed on an A3 spread sheet,
so that whoever came, got a piece of art of his/her own, by simply picking up a leaflets from the entrance.

I baked some muffins, Octavia and Andreea made some lemonade and we had a Jo.E, our friend from GrooveOn Radio selecting beautiful music.

Quite a few people came at the opening, artists and friends as well. We stayed late in the night, chatting in the courtyard of the house (it had been a constant over 35 degrees in Bucharest for about 2 weeks now) lying on the sofa and on beanbags, having a beer.

Special thanks to our friends Kina, Andi and Alex! We are all so grateful for everything! :D

Montag, 16. August 2010


Only a week until PaperGirl demonstrates the art of giving art to NYC.

PaperGirl 2010 will include at least 90 artists from 11 countries. The art will be exhibited for 8 days in 3 galleries and will be distributed in the 2 cities of Albany and New York.

Here is the video for last year: Video

Freitag, 6. August 2010

Introducing Papergirl Hamburg

Hey Papergirl-fans around the world! Now there is a Papergirl-Project in Hamburg City Germany, too! Since we started the project in March, we prepared our blog, created a Facebook-page and connected some helpful people in Hamburg to built our amazing Papergirl-Hamburg-team :P. Actually we are getting serious with the "call for contribution" and the submission-poster will be posted here the next days. So, stay tuned for more free art for the masses in Hamburg and have a joyful ride!

Montag, 2. August 2010

papergirl kelowna!...

introducing 'papergirl kelowna'...... www.papergirlkelowna.blogspot.com .... xxxx

Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Papergirl Northampton Once Again!

That's right! We ride again! But before that happens I'm afraid we will need submissions. The Deadline this is August 31st. You can send submissions to:

103 State st. apt #4
Northampton, MA

Last year we received over 400 pieces of artwork from over 100 artists. We are trying this to top that record and so we will need all the help we can get! Thanks a Bunch,

- PG Northampton

Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010


Ah, yes. The teaser deadline has been taken a lot more seriously than I was expecting, so for all of you still wanting to submit to PaperGirl-NY.... you Can!
The deadline is now for August 1, but send us an email, and we'd be more than happy to extend the date for you!
Check out all of the information on PaperGirl-NY at www.PaperGirl-NY.com
2 Galleries in NYC and 1 in Albany. This is something you don't want to miss!

Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010

Still Callin!


All submissions can be mailed to:

Papergirl SF
PO Box 410156
San Francisco, CA 94141

Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

PaperGirl-NY is on its way

I am currently in Berlin, and so excited for the opening on Sunday. There is so much wonderful art, and so many fabulous people! In a couple of weeks we'll be getting visitors from other cities (Bucharest, Manchester, Cape Town) with whom we'll be sharing ideas, experiences, and the joy of being a part of PaperGirl. Together we'll do bike workshops, presentations and the distribution!!
PaperGirl-Berlin is so wonderful to be a part of. I hope that my other PaperGirl, PaperGirl-NY, can be half as successful at it has been here. What's the trick? I dunno, but time, perseverance and a good team, I suppose. Perhaps a funny video too??
Deadline 20 July.

Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

BIG NEWS from San Francisco!

We have a new look and our distribution and deadlines have changed!

THE NEW DEADLINE for submissions is AUGUST 18th, and THE NEW DISTRIBUTION date is SEPTEMBER 18th.

Of course, we will have a gallery show to exhibit all the work before it is rolled up and distributed, those dates shall follow once we know more about our venue, but we’re aiming for early September.

The Papergirl SF team made the collective decision to change the submission/delivery dates because a number of our founding members had time conflicts and would have been unable to participate or help with logistics otherwise. So now everyone has 2.5 extra months to send in some great stuff!

Once again, all artwork can be sent to:

Papergirl SF
PO Box 410156
San Francisco, CA 94141

To all who sent in work already, YOU ROCK! Thanks for your dedication and hard work; it all looks awesome! We’ll be showcasing all the work we get on our new website, which will hopefully be up and running by the end of the month!

Stay tuned, and Happy art making and bicycle riding everyone!

Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Papergirl Iasi/Romania

Papergirl Iasi is in the house!
The deadline for submissions is 1st of July.
For all of the information Papergirl Iasi, check out our website or email us at papergirliasi@yahoo.com .

Also, on 3rd of June there will be a drawing Workshop, called Workshop GEN, at Acaju Coffeehouse in our city.

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Freitag, 14. Mai 2010

PaperGirl NY State

As the end of May is getting near, and the deadline for PaperGirl-Berlin is getting ever closer, don't panic! There is still plenty of time to submit your beautiful artwork to PaperGirl-NY State!
The Deadline for NY State is July 20th, and the submitted art work will be shown in 3 different locations (yes, you read right. 3 locations). The locations are The Dumbo Art Center, The Armory, and the Marketplace Gallery!
For all of the information NY State, check out our website at www.PaperGirl-NY.com or email us at PaperGirl.Albany@gmail.com

Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

Papergirl is on in Sibiu, Romania

Papergirl is getting bigger and bigger in Romania. After Bucharest started spreading the word about it, 2 more cities, Iaşi and Braşov, said "We're in!". And now Sibiu is all good to go too!!!
So we are proud to announce that we're opened for everybody's art and joyful minds & hands to come and build this artsy and active feeling that Papergirl is all about.
We already have a few artworks in the collection, and also the department of "Don't know who's" art (not lost, but found) has some works in it.
There are 3 options for the exhibition, including the Museum of Contemporary Art from Sibiu, and we already have a big crowd for the distribution.
Besides all this, the project will hopefully develop bigger and better with workshops and collect boxes in different art camps. We will keep you posted with all the good news.
The website is ready (in romanian), so if your art in Sibiu sounds good to you, write us at papergirlsibiu@gmail.com. We're opened for all the world to join us.
Have only good, sunny and creative days.

Dienstag, 6. April 2010

Freitag, 12. März 2010

romanian papergirl is officially opened for submissions!!!!!!!!!

Communication for the Bucharest project started with a lovely piece of art, handmade by John
Two days have passed and we already have a couple artist that announced their creative intentions. :)

We are looking forward to all your submissions.

Let there be art!

Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Hello papergirls&boys all over the world!

Inspired by all the great work and joy that you deliver, Bucharest decided to join the project.
Therefore you now have a ROMANIAN PAPERGIRL among you. :)

We have just finished working on the blog - where we decided to communicate in Romanian, but I will keep you all updated on how things will be rolling, by posting here.

In short, the project will start with the submission period (we will try to reunite in some art-making-play-shops every now and then - for a good creative atmosphere and a chance to meet more of the artists we have here in the city) followed by the exhibition, the delivery and a good party afterwards.

We are looking forward to some fresh ice-tea late summer evenings, with good music and home-made cookies, should any of you want to drop in and submit any hand-made rollable art piece. We are happily inviting anyone not within the city to join in and send their submissions by mail. For any of these, write us at papergirl.ro@gmail.com.

All submisions will take part in the exhibition after
the deadline: 1 st of July
All art pieces will be rolled up at the end of the exhibition and handed out in the street. Everyone is invited to take part! Bring your bike and your good spirit and let's deliver some art!

Coming soon: our art-piece-hand-made-openforsubmissions-announcing visual, by J.

Find us on facebook: romanian papergirl

All peace from Romania.

Freitag, 26. Februar 2010

PaperGirl New York State!!!

In perfect unison with Berlin (not intentional), PaperGirl-Albany has announced the 2010 schedule! What we have to announce is not only a deadline, but (drumroll, please)... this year Albany is joining forces with New York City!!!
NYC is a virgin to the PaperGirl scene, except for some artists who inhabit the city, and we're expecting a lot of success from what we are now calling PaperGirl-NY State!

Now, getting down to the dates of this year's event:
**The deadline for art will be July 20th!**
The submitted art will have the chance to be seen by a lot of the art world, as it will be shown TWICE in NYC and ONCE in the phenomenal, up-and-coming Albany art scene!
From August 23-27, PaperGirl NYState will be shown in the Dumbo Art Center (in Dumbo, Brooklyn)
From August 30- September 2, PG NYState will be shown at the Armory in Manhattan
From September 3-6, PG NYState will be shown at the Marketplace Gallery in Albany.

For more information:
or PaperGirl Albany on MySpace or Facebook

(We are very excited about this year's event, and we hope you are too! Also, we'd like to send our well wishes to all the other cities which are doing such a great job at PaperGirl themselves!)

Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010


The idea of the soft meeting was for each member to invite 3 really good freinds/creatives/artists who will fly the papergirl flag with pride and contribute to building the Papergirl family tree. It was a night of laughter, conversation and doodle. Have a look & enjoy.

Montag, 25. Januar 2010


PAPERGIRL SA ON THE STREETS armed with a piece of chalk and some rookie-style doodle skills. check it. >>