Dienstag, 17. August 2010

romanian papergirl opened the exibition on Saturday :D

We have over 80 artists that sent us artworks for the last 6 months and we are now ready to show you the pieces.
We opened the exibition this last weekend, in Home Matasari which is an "open house" for cultural projects. We kindly thank Julian, our host, for that. We worked together into getting the house ready and fixed up 2 rooms and 2 hallways together with 2 basements of the house, wich we are very proud of.

We had stickers and t-shirts ready and some beautiful leaflets that had our friend Kina's work of art printed on an A3 spread sheet,
so that whoever came, got a piece of art of his/her own, by simply picking up a leaflets from the entrance.

I baked some muffins, Octavia and Andreea made some lemonade and we had a Jo.E, our friend from GrooveOn Radio selecting beautiful music.

Quite a few people came at the opening, artists and friends as well. We stayed late in the night, chatting in the courtyard of the house (it had been a constant over 35 degrees in Bucharest for about 2 weeks now) lying on the sofa and on beanbags, having a beer.

Special thanks to our friends Kina, Andi and Alex! We are all so grateful for everything! :D

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