Freitag, 12. März 2010

romanian papergirl is officially opened for submissions!!!!!!!!!

Communication for the Bucharest project started with a lovely piece of art, handmade by John
Two days have passed and we already have a couple artist that announced their creative intentions. :)

We are looking forward to all your submissions.

Let there be art!

Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Hello papergirls&boys all over the world!

Inspired by all the great work and joy that you deliver, Bucharest decided to join the project.
Therefore you now have a ROMANIAN PAPERGIRL among you. :)

We have just finished working on the blog - where we decided to communicate in Romanian, but I will keep you all updated on how things will be rolling, by posting here.

In short, the project will start with the submission period (we will try to reunite in some art-making-play-shops every now and then - for a good creative atmosphere and a chance to meet more of the artists we have here in the city) followed by the exhibition, the delivery and a good party afterwards.

We are looking forward to some fresh ice-tea late summer evenings, with good music and home-made cookies, should any of you want to drop in and submit any hand-made rollable art piece. We are happily inviting anyone not within the city to join in and send their submissions by mail. For any of these, write us at

All submisions will take part in the exhibition after
the deadline: 1 st of July
All art pieces will be rolled up at the end of the exhibition and handed out in the street. Everyone is invited to take part! Bring your bike and your good spirit and let's deliver some art!

Coming soon: our art-piece-hand-made-openforsubmissions-announcing visual, by J.

Find us on facebook: romanian papergirl

All peace from Romania.