Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

Papergirl is on in Sibiu, Romania

Papergirl is getting bigger and bigger in Romania. After Bucharest started spreading the word about it, 2 more cities, Iaşi and Braşov, said "We're in!". And now Sibiu is all good to go too!!!
So we are proud to announce that we're opened for everybody's art and joyful minds & hands to come and build this artsy and active feeling that Papergirl is all about.
We already have a few artworks in the collection, and also the department of "Don't know who's" art (not lost, but found) has some works in it.
There are 3 options for the exhibition, including the Museum of Contemporary Art from Sibiu, and we already have a big crowd for the distribution.
Besides all this, the project will hopefully develop bigger and better with workshops and collect boxes in different art camps. We will keep you posted with all the good news.
The website is ready (in romanian), so if your art in Sibiu sounds good to you, write us at We're opened for all the world to join us.
Have only good, sunny and creative days.

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