Montag, 28. September 2009

Almost There

It is interesting to see how every city that takes on PaperGirl has a different result. Albany has less than 2 weeks until we exhibit our work.
I have a question about submissions: Not everyone gets the concept of PaperGirl. The idea that you are giving original, one of a kind pieces of art work to strangers on the street. I have received some submissions which, I find, are not in this criteria. However another concept of PaperGirl is that there is no turning away art. Correct? Perhaps I should be more articulate next year? I mean do digital photographs on regular printer paper meet the qualifications? But perhaps the people who recieve the art will be just as happy to get it.
This is probaly the only problem that I have come accross. It is a bit difficult to get the word out about PaperGirl in a short message, but the articles have helped a lot, and I also really think that Albany is a city that resists such a project. This is a city dominated by the government buildings, so it'll be intersting how this is received. The art scene is making it's way into the light, so it'll be excited to see what happens in the next weeks.
Thank you Berlin for the idea on such a great project!!

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