Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Papergirl San Francisco - Open Call for Entires!!!

Calling all Artists, Makers, Doers!

It’s that time of year again! We invite you (and friends!) to participate in the 2011 Papergirl San Francisco - complete with art-wielding bike riders and bike-riding artists! Send us your art, tell your friends and foes, and we'll see you in October with tires full of air and roll-tops full of artwork, ripe for the giving.

Send rollable artwork by October 3rd to:

Papergirl SF

PO Box 410156

San Francisco, CA 94141


The sooner you send it, the more time we'll have to brag about your artwork online and share the spotlight!

This flyer is getting cut off (!?), copy image URL to see the whole thing!

If you happen to be around, you can also drop artwork off in San Francisco at any of these places:

Public Bikes - 123 South Park Ave, 94107

Mission Bicycle - 766 Valencia St, 94110

Arch Drafting Supply - 99 Missouri St, 94107

Exhibition - October 15th - 22nd

All artwork will be exhibited at the amazing Incline Gallery here in SF. If you’re in town, please join us for the opening event!

Roll, Ride and Throw - October 29th

The artwork rolling and starting point for the ride will be at Arch Drafting Supply (rad art supply store) also in SF!

For more information and submission details, check us out on line:

We are stoked to see what wonderful art we receive this year, and can’t wait to hop back on our bikes and spread the art love once again, papergirl style! Happy riding and art making everyone!

-Papergirl San Francisco (Heather, Coll, Nazir)

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