Montag, 2. Juli 2012


July 18 - Deadline for your submissions! Get them in While you still can!

July 24  -Exhibition Opening party at the Roundhouse  6-8:30pm

July 23 - 27th Exhibition at the Roundhouse 
                       Stop in to check out some of the art work submitted this year! Open daily!

July 23 – Make It! Workshop (Details on the workshop below)

July 28 – Papergirl Vancouver Ride Out! Keep your eyes peeled for Papergirls and Boys! 
                   We will be handing out all the beautiful creations on the 28th. 
                    Maybe you will be a lucky one to receive something amazing!


Make It Workshop at the Roundhouse in Vancouver  
Monday, 23 July 2012  from 19:00 - 23:00

  • Do you love making art but are having a hard time figuring out how to get it out into the world? Does the thought of figuring out how to promote yourself make you want to curl up in a corner and cry? It doesn't have to be like this, we promise! Join us for our first Papergirl Vancouver workshop hosted by Jenna Herbut of Make it Productions. In the true nature of Papergirl's philosophy, the Art of Giving Art, Jenna has graciously donated her time to not only help artists learn more about getting their work out there into the world, but to also help us raise some money so we can continue to put on Papergirl next year!

    Jenna is going to teach you some basic concepts and techniques that will help you get your art and your name out there. It is going to be fun and way easier than you have ever imagined.


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