Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

Candal is calling for your artwork

--> This year for the first time in Portugal at Candal-Lousã
Art is for sharing and for that we need you!
To be a part of Papergirl Candal, all you have to do is send your artworks.

For the submissions:
-     No limitations on Materials! The only stipulation is you need to be able to roll it up. It can be: drawings, painting, posters, textiles, photos, stickers etc. anything! Everything!!!
-     No limitations on the content of the artworks! Every artist will represent him/herself with the content of the submitted artwork. It can be anything they wish.
-     No size limitations! As long as it can be distributed by bicycles in public ( It could be a 5x5 sticker or 50x70 paper print. )
-      Should be at least 2 copies! Submitted artworks will be part of the exhibition and the distribution action, so we ask you to send at least 2 copies. More artworks, more distribution!
-     The method of copy is up to artists ! Digital prints, photocopy, prints. every technique its ok.
-     Don't forget to add your contact information! Name/surname, e-mail address and website should be attached to your artworks. So people can know you, acknowledge your work or even get in touch with you afterwards!

You can send your art to:
Papergirl Candal
a/c Patrícia Corrêa & Tito Andrade
Rua Francisco Lucas Pires N75. 4C
3030-489 Coimbra

Deadline for submitting work: September 16
Exhibition Dates: September 21-22 in Candal
Exhibition Opening : September 21
Distribution Day: September 21 in Lousã

or to Patrícia Corrêa

We are also calling for paperboys and papergirls, get involve with the Papergirl Candal-Lousã, send an email or call us at +351 912872843

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