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Papergirl 3city, Poland is calling for artworks!

Papergirl 3city, 2012

Join Papergirl 3city (Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia in Poland)! The artworks will be presented during the outdoor exhibition on "Streetwaves”* on 1 or 2 June in Gdansk. After the opening they will be distributed by volunteers on bicycles to random passers-by in the streets. You can send us artworks or help with the distribution. What is important is an element of surprise! Give your art away!
Don't forget to add your contact information: name/surname/nickname, e-mail address, the link to your website, blog, Flickr, page on fb etc.

We don't select artworks – it's your decision what you want to share with people. You can send any number of artworks, but we can present on the exhibition - due to the limited amount of space - a maximum of three works. You can mark which artworks should be exhibited. Other works will be distributed in rolls.
The work should be submit or send by mail to 

Joanna Weltrowska, Instytut Kultury Miejskiej, 
ul. Długi Targ 39/40, 80-830 Gdańsk, 
with a note "Papergirl" on an envelope. There are no restrictions on size or quantity of material. It is important that the work could be wrapped in a roll. Each roll will be an unique combination!

Deadline for submitting artworks: May 24

Exhibition Date: June 1 or 2 in Gdansk

Distribution Day: June 1 or 2 in Gdansk

It will be the second edition of Papergirl in 3city. Photos from 2012 you can find here:
Arteria Association and City Culture Institut, Gdansk
contact us:

* Streetwaves is streetart festival which this year for the fifth time moves art from the clubs and the galleries out into the city. 

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